Focus Outlook

The government is leveraging drone technology across various sectors


Haryana’s Chief Secretary, Sanjeev Kaushal, underscored the state government’s extensive use of drone technology across various sectors. Highlighting their integration into governance, Kaushal emphasized the pivotal role played by the Drone Imaging and Information Systems of Haryana Ltd. (DRIISHYA) in exploring novel applications.

Kaushal, also serving as DRIISHYA’s senior vice chairperson, led a Board of Directors meeting, outlining the agency’s collaborative efforts. DRIISHYA is partnering with DCP Traffic, Gurugram, to introduce drone-based land surveying on National Highways. Addressing surging demands, the agency plans to bolster its fleet with 20 large-scale drones and six specialized agricultural drones for nano-fertilizer spraying demonstrations. Following stringent examinations conducted in partnership with Deen Bandhu Chotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal (Sonipat), DRIISHYA recently recruited 20 drones and 16 co-pilots.

Recognizing drones’ transformative potential in agriculture, particularly in meeting the escalating interest of farmers in drone operations, DRIISHYA is inundated with requests. Acknowledging limitations in existing training grounds, the agency actively seeks opportunities to establish dedicated training facilities, with a keen focus on potential sites such as the Horticulture University at Karnal. These proactive measures aim to democratize access to drone technology, enabling end-users, especially farmers, to optimize output and leverage its benefits.

Kaushal highlighted the state government’s drive to harness drone technology across diverse domains, ranging from traffic and crime surveillance to revolutionizing agricultural practices. Spearheading this technological revolution is DRIISHYA, a specialized agency focused on propelling drone-related initiatives into unexplored domains.

The collaborative initiatives, especially in land surveying on National Highways and agricultural demonstrations, indicate the agency’s commitment to embracing and expanding the use of drones. These efforts align with DRIISHYA’s vision to not only integrate drone technology into various sectors but also to empower users with the necessary skills and facilities for optimal utilization. As drones continue to showcase their potential in transforming traditional practices, the state’s proactive approach promises a more efficient and innovative governance strategy leveraging cutting-edge technology.


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