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Former CBOE Digital Executive Joins Argo Blockchain as CEO


Argo Blockchain, a major player in Bitcoin mining, has welcomed Thomas Chippas as its new CEO and Director, marking a strategic shift amid recent hurdles and market fluctuations. The company, listed on both the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, aims to steer its course under Chippas’ leadership. Chippas brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career in financial services and digital assets. Notably, his tenure as CEO of CBOE Digital and the founding of ErisX, a crypto trading platform acquired by CBOE, underscore his industry expertise.


However, CBOE faced a notable $460 million write-down on this acquisition in 2022, raising questions about its success. As Argo’s CEO, Chippas is set to receive up to 2.85 million units tied to the company’s American Depositary Shares, vested over three years, contingent upon continuous employment and meeting specific performance objectives. Additionally, the company’s remuneration policy allows for additional performance share units on his appointment anniversaries.


Argo’s decision comes amid challenging times, including the resignation of former CEO Peter Wall in February and distressing false bankruptcy rumours last December. Despite setbacks, Argo displayed resilience by selling its Helios mining facility and securing a $35 million loan from Galaxy Digital. Additionally, an oversubscribed share sale raised $7.5 million, aiding in debt relief.


Amidst challenges, Argo Blockchain’s appointment of Thomas Chippas as CEO signals a strategic pivot. Chippas’ seasoned background in digital assets and financial services positions Argo for potential growth. However, the company faces ongoing hurdles, including prior leadership changes and financial setbacks. Chippas’ incentive structure tied to performance reflects the company’s commitment to driving results under his leadership. Argo’s resilience demonstrated through asset sales and strategic loans, indicates a proactive approach to financial stability. The company’s future trajectory, now guided by Chippas, showcases a determined effort to navigate industry fluctuations and emerge stronger in the competitive landscape of Bitcoin mining.


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