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SAP Unveils Generative AI for Enhanced Customer Experience in CX Solutions


SAP, a global leader in enterprise cloud solutions, has unveiled new generative AI capabilities across its SAP Customer Experience (CX) portfolio, which includes SAP’s natural-language generative AI copilot, Joule. 

The newly introduced capabilities are tailored for various CX teams, including commerce, sales, customer service, and marketing. Their primary goal is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, enabling teams to work more productively. This, in turn, ensures that businesses can deliver exceptional customer experiences, foster brand loyalty, build deeper customer relationships, and drive profitability. 

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The versatile capabilities offered by SAP can be seamlessly integrated across the entire SAP CX portfolio, catering to various essential functions. These functionalities encompass the automation of labor-intensive tasks with curated role-based AI tools, which empower CX teams to improve productivity and efficiency by automating routine tasks. For service teams, this involves summarizing customer issues, aligning team members, gauging customer sentiment, suggesting solutions, and monitoring issue resolution speed, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

These capabilities supercharge catalog management and product discovery through AI. Commerce managers, often challenged by the complexity of catalog management, can now utilize AI to review product tags and catalogs, generate customized product descriptions, and effectively guide customers to suitable products. 

Moreover, the integration of AI aids in retrieving answers in natural language during conversational interactions. Intelligent Q&A functionality can read customer emails, identify crucial questions, and provide sales teams with suggested responses that incorporate the latest product information. 

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Furthermore, AI-generated customer profiles, supported by SAP’s real-time Customer Data Platform, consolidate data from various applications and provide this information to customer-facing teams. This comprehensive view empowers employees with a deep understanding of customer preferences, facilitating the delivery of more personalized and relevant services. 

SAP’s approach to connecting data across the enterprise, both within SAP systems and beyond, provides a solid foundation for long-term growth. Additionally, their extensive experience in designing business processes with AI can expedite AI’s time-to-value. SAP is also incorporating AI capabilities into existing products across the SAP CX portfolio, including enhanced customer identity and access management with AI risk-based authentication capabilities and personalized content creation powered by generative AI. These initiatives aim to bolster customer data privacy and security while providing personalized and compelling content to customers.


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