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Keydemand Entrusts 4AM Worldwide with Digital Marketing Mandate


4AM Worldwide, an integrated brand solutions agency with a digital-first approach, secured the integrated digital marketing mandate for Keydemand, a prop-tech platform focused on streamlining B2B demand aggregation in the commercial real estate sector.


Under this mandate, the agency will oversee the comprehensive digital presence of the Keydemand brand. Sudhanshu Kejriwal, co-founder and CEO of Keydemand, expressed confidence in choosing 4AM Worldwide as their partner, emphasizing the agency’s track record, industry expertise, creativity, and dedication to client satisfaction. He highlighted the evolving digital landscape and anticipated a collaborative journey that sets new standards by integrating technology, branding, and demand-centric strategies.


Following a competitive multi-agency pitch, the account was secured and will be managed from the agency’s Mumbai office.


Jonathan Sreekumaran, chief business officer at 4AM Worldwide, emphasized how this partnership reinforces the agency’s commitment to developing impactful and result-oriented advertising strategies. He stressed their dedication to providing innovative solutions while delivering creativity and strategic thinking. Sreekumaran expressed excitement about leveraging their expertise to bolster Keydemand’s efforts in simplifying commercial real estate operations and revolutionizing the prop-tech sector.


The collaboration signifies 4AM Worldwide’s focus on crafting effective advertising strategies and pioneering solutions for their clients. The agency aims to use its expertise to amplify Keydemand’s initiatives in reshaping the prop-tech landscape, aligning with the evolving dynamics of the commercial real estate industry.


In an era marked by digital evolution, the partnership between 4AM Worldwide and Keydemand heralds a new phase in prop-tech innovation. With 4AM’s expertise in crafting dynamic advertising solutions and Keydemand’s focus on simplifying commercial real estate, this collaboration is poised to redefine industry standards. Their mutual commitment to creative excellence, strategic thinking, and leveraging technology underscores a shared vision of pioneering change. As they embark on this collaborative journey, the fusion of branding, technology, and demand-centric strategies promises to set unprecedented benchmarks. Together, they aim to revolutionize the prop-tech landscape, reshaping the future of commercial real estate with innovation at its core.









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