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GPU additions by OVHcloud to help companies power AI’s strenuous workloads


OVHcloud continues to expand its AI solutions with new NVIDIA GPU offerings, a pivotal part of its AI-focused strategy. Recognizing AI’s impending impact, OVHcloud aims to assist businesses by uniting an ecosystem with innovative, affordable, and transparent AI solutions while prioritizing data privacy and ethical considerations.

With over two decades of infrastructure expertise, OVHcloud introduces AI-enabled infrastructures featuring new NVIDIA H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs. These GPUs empower customers with diverse options to fuel their ambitious machine-learning projects, including large language models. Expanding its lineup, OVHcloud announces new offerings centred on GPUs like NVIDIA H100, A100, L40S, and L4. The deployment of these options will gradually ramp up in the coming weeks, complementing existing NVIDIA V100 and V100S GPUs at competitive prices.

The freshly introduced NVIDIA A100 80GB-powered GPU instances offer exceptional capabilities for deep learning training and inference. These instances facilitate complex projects with specialized Tensor Cores, catering to varied workloads, including LLM-related projects and high-performance computing for advanced simulations.

The A100-based cloud instances, available as A100-180, A100-360, and A100-720, offer varying configurations, providing customers with multiple performance and memory options.

OVHcloud also announces the upcoming H100-based GPU instances, featuring NVIDIA’s latest accelerator designed for demanding AI models. The H100, known for its role in accelerating LLMs and generative AI applications, will offer exceptional computing power, with SXM-based solutions tailored for extreme fine-tuning and training.

Moreover, the introduction of NVIDIA L4 and L40S GPUs in OVHcloud’s GPU instances and bare-metal servers further enhances their offerings. These GPUs, with 24GB and 48GB of memory respectively, offer enhanced AI capabilities, catering to various workloads in graphics, simulation, data science, and analytics. By providing an array of NVIDIA GPU architectures, OVHcloud aims to deliver an AI-focused infrastructure for researchers, data scientists, and practitioners, supporting diverse needs from training to inference.

OVHcloud, aligning with a dedicated AI roadmap, promises forthcoming AI innovations to further assist customers in navigating this transformative AI landscape.


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